Just Care has been the go-to option for moving equipment, machine relocation, or Sports Equipment Disassembly in Dubai for years.


Just Care has been the go-to option for moving equipment, machine relocation, or Sports Equipment Disassembly in Dubai for years. We offer the fitness professional disassembly services required for all kinds of fitness and sports equipment. We advise you to contact an experienced and trained team for your sports equipment disassembly only. Our trained fitness equipment specialists will deliver the high-quality disassembly that is required to assure your equipment remains in a supreme situation and you can keep your regular exercises. So whether you are relocating from one society to another or one city to another around Dubai, our teams will disassemble sports equipment properly.


At Just Care, we have a team of qualified sports equipment mechanics to make it all effortless. We deliver commercial as well as residential sports equipment disassembly services when you require to relocate or disassemble your sports machinery. Our fully-trained and qualified experts promise to maintain your tools so you can stay healthy!


Improperly assembled machines may perform less than optimally, become damaged, fall apart or even cause injuries. Whether you are the owner of new equipment, or you’re relocating your machines to a new place, it’s better to call a skilled team to ensure your equipment is disassembled properly.


Our experts helped so many clients in the disassembly of their machine and their equipment safely so they packed everything and relocated the equipment to their new places with comfort. At Just Care, our experts assure you that nothing is missing and take care not to damage any parts. Luckily, Just Care experts are here to assist you!


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